Tuesday, June 22, 2021
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  • Get GeoAlerts via MobileNexus

    GeoAlerts are timely, nearby notifications, texts, or emails sent within blocks locally or within a few minutes at highway speeds from your favorite businesses.

    Untimely and Inconvenient.

    Other Mobile Marketing offerings text or email from your favorite business at 2 AM when you're at home asleep.

    Time-consuming Methods.

    Coupon apps and websites need a customer's dedicated usage and time weekly while not driver-safe.

    Old-school Methods.

    Paper flyers and coupons require customers to manage the tedious paper clutter.

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  • Our iPhone and Android Apps

    Experience the timely, location-aware, nearby business-to-mobile-customer communication solution.

    Set Communications.

    Choose desired communications methods such as notifications, texts, and/or emails.

    Set Favorites.

    Choose favorites via GoogleS Maps or tabular search.

    Get Further Business Info.

    Provides quick view of business phone #, address, website, Yelp status, GoogleMaps maps and turn-by-turn directions.

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  • View App Video Tutorials

    Learn how to use this utility to get your timely, nearby favorite business promotions whenever on the road.

    Get App.

    Install via Apple iTunes Store or Google Play.

    Initialize App.

    Set communication preferences and favorite businesses.

    App runs fully automatic.

    Get GeoAlerts and MobileNexus-EXCLUSIVE, driver-safe Text-to-Speech notifications and texts (iPhone notifications only).

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