Sunday, May 09, 2021
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How can I see iPhone or Android App demonstrations?

The Tutorials tab on this website provides many Youtube accessible videos.  These videos demonstrate to how to install, set communications preferences, set favorite businesses, and daily use the apps to get business contact information, or Google Maps turn-by-turn directions to favorite businesses.

How can I get technical support on the iPhone or Android App ?

One can use the Contact Us tab on this website or email us at  Please provide all details as to usage of the iPhone or Android App and all relevent information of your concern.  Also, please provide the specific version of iOS or Android.  We respond via email to your technical support inquiries typically within 24 hours and always within 72 hours.

How can I get the iPhone or Android App?

The iPhone app is accessible from the Apple Store.  The Apple Store link is on the main webpage of this website.

The Android app is accessible from Google Play.  The Google Play link is on the main webpage of this website.

In the interim, the Android App is accessible via a button on the main webpage of this website.  One has to change settings to accept a download from an Unknown Source in order to download and install.  

I have a business or know a business that would like to become a MobileNexus Business Subscriber. How can I get further information?

Please send us an email to with the business name, physical address, website, and contact email and phone number.  We will make contact within 24 hours.

Our corporate website,, provides more background information on our MobileNexus Business Subcriber Program.


FAQs - All FAQs
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