Sunday, May 09, 2021
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Welcome to the General Manager's Blog



I want to welcome all to our newly launched MobileNexus website to the users of our iPhone and Android apps which manage notifications, texts, and emails from your favorite businesses while nearby.  You are essentially the customers of your favorite MobileNexus Subscriber Businesses.  

This website and this blog will help get you familiar with the apps and the services that the apps provide.  So, the expectation is to get you notifications, texts, and emails of your favorite businesses automatically when you're most likely in need of them.  I'll also comment on feedback that we get from you in order to help others use our apps easily as well as tell you about new features as we continuously improve our apps and services.  

We do expect MobileNexus to have a viral effect in the customer community in terms of interest, education as to what is possible, and the spread of our service offerings throughout the USA.  If we do it right, our apps will be the essential app for customers of these businesses while on the road.

I know that it will take the main stream media interest in our technology and services to get a viral level of awareness.  As with any new product or service, ease of use and being just being the-right-place-at-the- right-time utility will determine our success.  We also know that lack of full automation or "making customers to do stuff all the time" to get our services is the surest way to make these services a long forgotten failure.

Given that the main stream media tends to have at least superficial interest in somethig new and different, customer awareness of the MobileNexus brand to install the app is critical to our success.  So, stay tuned for a view from inside MobileNexus which I expect will be exciting especially as viral interest translates into phenomenal company growth.

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